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Project Manager-Millwright Grain Handling

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Contract Administrator

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Accounts Payable Clerk

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Crane Operators-Friction and Hydraulic

Seeking crane operators for our crane rental business in the Fargo area. Operator must be proficient in operating hydraulic cranes, must be NCCCO-certified and possess a Class A license. This is a full-time position with top pay and benefits. Applicants must have the ability to communicate with customers in a professional manner.

Crane Riggers

Shop/Field Mechanic

Seeking a mechanic for our shop and field. Job responsibilities include: 

  • Maintaining, inspecting, and diagnosing issues with a wide range of construction equipment 
  • Reading and understanding maintenance manuals
  • Maintaining a safe work environment
  • Traveling to job-sites to repair equipment when necessary

Water Truck Drivers

Rotomill and Reclaimer Operators

Rotomill/Reclaimer Groundsmen

Class A CDL Truck Drivers

Heavy Equipment Operators



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Past Employment Information

All aplicants must provide the following information on all employers during the past three (3) years. Applicants to drive a commercial motor vehicle shall provide an additional seven (7) years information. Complete mailing address, street number, city, stat and zip code are required. There can be no gaps in employment history.

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Driving Information

*If CLD is selected you must complete the CDL portion of this application.

CDL License

Complete this portion of the application if you have a CDL or have operated a commercial motor vehicle.

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Previous Addresses

Please list all addresses you have resided during the past three (3) years.

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Traffic Convictions & Forfeitures

Only complete this section if you will be asked to drive for Industrial Builders Inc.

If you are asked to drive for Industrial Bilders, Inc., you are required to list any traffic violations you have had in the past 3 years. I certify the follow is true and complete list of traffic violations (other than parking tickets) for which I have been certified or forfeited bond or collateral.

Please attach additional documents if more than 2 violations or accidents.

Violation 1

Violation 2

Accident 1

Accident 2

Convictions are not absolute bar to employment, but will be considered in relationship to the job requirements.

Voluntary Information

Affirmative Action Voluntary Information - This company is committed to an Affirmative Action Program which includes giving full consideration for employment to qualified handicapped individuals, Vietnam-era veterans, disabled veterans,m ethnic minorities and women. The following information is being requested for all applications for employment. Your providing this information is strictly VOLUNTARY. This self-identification request is made in compliance with the AFFIRMATIVE ACTION PROGRAM and to aid in complying with any required Governmental record keeping or periodic reporting.

This information is NOT part of your employment application, and will not be considered in the employment selection process. If you choose to provide the information please complete the following:

Do Not Want To SayMaleFemale

Do Not Want To SayWhite-origins in Europe, North Africa or Middle EastAsian-origins in Far East, Se Asia, India or Pacific IslandBlack-origins in AfricaHispanic-Mexican, Puerto Rican, Cuban, Central or South AmericaAmerican Indian-origins in North America, to include Alaska.

Do Not Want To Say(0) Non-Veteran(1) Pre-Vietnam Veteran with Service Incurred disability(2) Pre-Vietnam Veteran(3) Vietnam Era Veteran (8/5/64-5/7/75)(4) Vietnam Era Veteran with Service Incurred disability(5) Post Vietnam Veteran(6) Post Vietnam with service incurred disability


Do Not Want To Say(1) No Disability(2) Physical Disability (No Facility Modification)(3) Physical Disability (Facility Modification)(4) Health Disability (Heart Attack, Diabetic, Epliepic, Etc.)(5) Mentally Disabled (Learning Disabled)

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