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What is Industrial Builders, Inc.?

Located in West Fargo, North Dakota, Industrial Builders, Inc. is a heavy highway contractor with the skills and resources to excel in a wide range of construction industries from building dams and bridges to sprawling earthwork grading jobs. We have a many departments and specialized services within our company and are proud to provide the best quality and service in the Midwest for competitive prices. To delve into the many services we provide, please explore our "Construction Services" tab or explore our highlighted projects.

Our core values are safety and accountability; our commitment to the health and welfare of our employees as well as the safety of those who use the projects we build are at the forefront of our mind in everything we do. In peak season we employ around 275 people with an average of 16 years of tenure with the company; the combination of excellent leadership, experienced employees and a wide and varied equipment fleet allows us to focus on delivering the best end project.

Annually we perform about 60 million in volume with the majority of that being self-performed. We serve both private and public customers and are proud to be known as a company to seek out when something needs to be done right.

We are an equal opportunity employer. Our EEO policy can be found here.

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Equipped To Get The Job Done

IBI’s fleet of equipment includes all the machines and vehicles needed to build the most difficult job—even in the tundra conditions of midwinter. We have heavy trucks, cranes, dozers, loaders, packers, pumps, welders, generators, light plants, temporary heaters, ground thaw systems and literally thousands of pieces of equipment needed to build projects safely 12 months a year. That’s why we continue to be one of America’s most successful construction companies – because we don’t stop to let the weather pass.

Versatility, organization, safety and performance. The IBI way.

Our History

Warren and Irene Diederich founded Industrial Builders, Inc. together in 1953 with a passion for developing infrastructure in the Midwest and the dream of building a legacy that would serve their region for years to come. They had four children who all began careers with IBI in the 1970's. Paul and Donn, two of their sons, have lead the company as President and Executive Vice President, respectively, since 1992 and the third generation of Diederich family is involved in the company now. Warren and Irene started the company with as a family business where all employees were considered part of the family. IBI has grown substantially since Warren and Irene started it up but it's still a very tight knit community and we're proud of everyone that is a part of it.

When we started, our scope of skills was mostly limited to bridge work, but as Warren and Irene became involved with the Associated General Contractors (AGC), IBI began to change and enter new sectors. Paul and Donn have served as executives both at a state and national level in the AGC. Paul served as President of the National AGC in 2013 and Donn served as Chairman of the Highway Division in 2017. Consistent involvement in the AGC has allowed IBI to stay ahead of and influence trends in the construction industry. 

Warren Diederich with 50 ton truck crane 1961


Industrial Builders, Inc. proudly belongs to the following professional and trade organizations:

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    The Associated General Contractors of America


  • NCCCO_Icon

    National Commission for the Certification of Crane Operators


  • AGCND_icon

    The Associated General Contractors of North Dakota


  • SDAGC_Icon

    The Associated General Contractors of South Dakota


  • AGCMN_Icon

    The Associated General Contractors of Minnesota


  • AGCIA_Icon

    The Associated General Contractors of Iowa


  • Lignite_Icon

    Lignite Energy Council


  • DakotaAsphalt_Icon

    Dakota Asphalt and Pavement Association


  • Chamber_Icon

    The Chamber - Fargo, Moorhead, West Fargo


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