Heavy Highway Construction

Heavy Highway Construction Services

Heavy highway infrastructure is our bread and butter. From new construction of bridges, box culverts and retaining walls to one of the biggest milling and reclaiming fleets in the midwest, IBI takes care and builds the facilities that help you get where you're going. IBI is also a leader in Bridge Deck overlays in the midwest with experienced crews and specialized equipment meant for performing overlays.

Rotomilling and Reclaiming

Industrial Builders is experienced in profile milling, concrete milling, parking lots, airports and roadways. Annually we mill over two million tons of asphalt.

Slide Repair

IBI is prepared to provide you with embankment excavation, river slide repair, and park re-grading services. In fact, we utilize state of the art GPS technology that allows us to use engineers’ designs to format data for field use which shows us exactly where to cut and fill.

Recycled Crushed Concrete

Instead of using Class 5 aggregate to surface or stabilize a parking area or roadway, we have a recycled crushed concrete product that provides an exceptionally durable surface that sheds water and can withstand heavy loads. Because it is made from 100% reclaimed material, its use is very environmentally friendly.

Jersey Barriers

Whether you need permanent separation between traffic or just want to have a sturdy obstacle to prevent vehicular entry, IBI can build both stationary and “portable” Jersey Barriers. We can furnish and install “portable” Jersey Barriers when you need them and remove them when you’re done. We can also install permanent barriers wherever you want.

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