Heavy Machinery & Equipment Movers

Heavy Machinery & Equipment Moving Services

Have you ever needed to move something big inside a building, through tight spaces, or way up in the air and wondered "how are we going to do this?" The answer is "calling IBI"!

Over the years, as we became experts of lifting for heavy construction, we realized that we were uniquely qualified to perform heavy equipment moving services. Our heavy lifting service includes a specialized crew who, using a combination of our fleet of cranes and specialized forklifts,  are experts at performing high weight lifts in small spaces. From lifting and maneuvering a new MRI machine inside the narrow halls of an operating hospital or setting a new cutting machine in a facility, we can solve your puzzle.

Our heavy-hauling division works in tandem with both of these services to move your equipment or material over the roads.

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At IBI, we pride ourselves on our licensed and insured crane rental service. From our well-maintained modern crane fleet, to our NCCCO-certified operators and qualified riggers, we have the experience and equipment to accommodate your heavy lifting needs efficiently and at a reasonable price.  We have the following pieces of equipment in our crane fleet

  • 40-250 ton truck cranes with up to 370' tip height
  • 50 ton rough terrain cranes
  • 50-275 ton crawler cranes

Heavy Machinery &
Equipment Moving

Our professional heavy equipment movers provide full service equipment rigging, transportation and installation for any type of equipment or material. Our forklifts range from 5,000 to 60,000 pounds. These are a few of our specialties:

  • MRI installs
  • CNC mills
  • Die casts
  • Gear boxes
  • Metal fabricators 

Heavy Haul

IBI’s fleet of heavy haul trucks is authorized by the US DOT to move your over height, over-width and over-weight loads all over the continental USA.

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