Foundation & Site Work Construction

Foundation & Site Work Construction Services

Soils in our region are not able to support much in the way of loads and over IBI's history, we have become the premier installer of deep foundation systems to make sure structures are soundly supported. From start to finish, our team and fleet of equipment can drive install deep foundation support systems and retention structures, reinforce and pour concrete structures that bear on those foundations, and develop and grade the site per plans and specifications. We keep the environment in mind when we develop project-specific Storm Water Pollution Prevention Plans (SWPPP) and maintain erosion control measures to keep sites clean and in compliance with regulations.


Earthwork and Site Development

Whether you are planning for a new facility or looking at expanding an existing one, everything starts with earthwork. At IBI, we use GPS-controlled equipment to maximize production and make sure that the end grade is accurate to the hundreth of an inch. Our specialties for earthwork include:

  • Site development
  • GPS-controlled site grading and in-house design to control drainage
  • Railroad subgrade base
  • Ground pile/storage subgrade
  • Roadway development

Helical Anchors

From one or two anchors to hundreds of them, we install resistance piers for underpinning and shoring vertical loads. For lateral stability we install tie-back anchors. Ongoing technical training teaches our team how to accurately design anchors to work in your soils.

Concrete Foundations

Whether you’re adding on, changing the look or starting from scratch, IBI is recognized as an expert in the field of foundation construction. We construct concrete foundations that are supported on engineered fill, piling, caissons, helical anchors, or undisturbed sub grade. Whatever the job requires, our team can provide a stable base for a permanent structure.

Stormwater Management

IBI provides you with an extensive list of erosion control procedures, from installing silt curtains, building stormwater retention ponds, placing riprap or laying wattles, we can make sure that your runoff water is handled properly.

Driven Piling

- H-piling
- Tube piling
- Concrete piling
- Timber piling
- Sheet piling


- 18-inch up to 120-inch diameter holes
- Casing available
- Down to 60-feet
- Access shafts
- Augered holes

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