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Heavy Civil Construction & Industrial Contractor Services

Heavy civil construction and industrial heavy highway construction are the services that got Industrial Builders, Inc. started in the industry back in 1953, and we have been one of the leading providers in this sector ever since. With satisfied clients in both the public and private sector, we have built hundreds of projects that have stood the test of time. From bridges, box culverts, retaining walls, flood walls... the list goes on. You give us the design and we'll supply the means and methods to make sure it is built to specifications.

Bridges and Box Culverts

IBI’s experienced structure team provides expertise that comes from having built hundreds of bridges and other structures. We build and maintain railroad bridges, pedestrian bridges and highway bridges, whether they are constructed of timber, steel or concrete in all weather conditions. We also have a long history of building cast-in-place box culverts, performing box culvert extensions, and installing precast box culverts.

Cofferdams and Sheet Piling

When you're digging for a structure and want to keep water or dirt out of your excavation and keep your people safe, look to IBI to install a cofferdam or retaining wall. We have partners who can provide stamped engineered retention structures when necessary and we have the inventory, equipment, and personnel to install retention structures and cofferdams for you quickly.

Pile Driving and Deep Foundations

IBI has been installing deep foundations in the form of steel sheet piling, tube piling, H-piling, timber piling,  and concrete piling since 1953, which means we've driven millions of feet of pile. Starting in North Dakota where the soil is largely clay based has made us experts at installing deep foundations efficiently to support structures. We install deep foundations for everything from bridges to grain bins and our experienced crews and specialized equipment ensures that nothing is going to budge.

Bridge Deck Overlays

One way to prolong the useful life of bridges and parking ramps is to replace the top layer of concrete with a Low-Slump High-Density Concrete overlay. IBI performed the first bridge deck overlay in the state of North Dakota, and our crews continue to repair and overlay deck surfaces throughout the Midwest. We own a fleet of specialized equipment for performance of bridge deck overlays and have an experienced crew that knows what they're doing.

Flood Protection

We take pride in our history of successful flood mitigation projects. We've built miles of architectural concrete flood wall and earthen levees and we also have the resources required to install emergency dikes when water rises unexpectedly. Our general contracting work and great working relationships with subcontractors also allows us to coordinate emergency responses on a huge scale. When the water starts to rise, designate us as the point of contact and we'll take it from there.

Structure Repair

Our structure repair services include a multitude of procedures necessary to general highway site maintenance, repair, and construction. We perform structure repair on historic structures and all concrete highway structures, from box culverts to bridges. We also fatigue retrofit steel, perform bridge deck resurfacing, repair and/or replacement of bridge bearings, assemblies and joints. We also perform a complete deck replacements or repair substructure elements, whether it's underwater or on dry land. 

Steel Erection

IBI assembles structural steel skeletons for single story buildings, inside existing processing facilities or for multi-story structures—in any configuration imaginable. Our trained ironworkers and certified crane operators team up to safely and efficiently complete your toughest steel erection projects.

MSE Walls

IBI has experience installing large panel/small panel and Hilfiker MSE (Mechanically Stabilized Earth) wall systems. Our crews are adept at installing very high wall systems with minimum impact to the adjacent land, while balancing the use of imported aggregates with native soil.


IBI has built dams on rivers from the Mississippi to the Mouse. We can build dams to replace existing dams or work on diversion structures in a new site. Whether you need to maintain water flow, want to create an impoundment or just need a spillway repaired or inspected, our experience allows you to rest assured that there won't be any fingers needed to plug leaks in a dam.

Biodiesel & Ethanol

Our crews built the USA’s largest Biodiesel Refinery and we installed the foundations and structural steel for North Dakota’s first ethanol plant. We stand ready to build, retrofit, or repair ethanol and Biodiesel facilities throughout the Midwest.

Train Wreck Recovery

When you need help at the site of a train derailment very quickly, our fleet of heavy-haul trucks can move large equipment to the site and have skilled operators working within hours after the incident.

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