Industrial Ag Division

Industrial Ag Division

Industrial Builders Inc. (IBI) has an industrial ag division that can maintain existing facilities and expand or build new structures. From performing annual inspections of your existing systems and providing preventative maintenance with a customized report to building an entirely new facility, we can help you take your industrial ag facility to the most competitive position possible.

As a comprehensive industrial ag company that provides planning and design services for grain and millwright facilities, we can help with consultation, engineering services, design/build projects, site layout and delivery of a turn-key facility.  At Industrial Builders, we are more than just a typical contractor,  we can provide you all the industrial ag services you need to keep running, operational or complete your project on time!


Our millwright division can service, maintain and expand your facilities skillfully with the knowledge that comes only from having a very experienced crew and team of supervision and project managers.

We provide the following millwright services:

  • Demolition/Installation
  • Safety Compliance Upgrades
  • Certified Welding
  • Equipment Repair and Upgrades
  • Steel Erection
  • Emergency Repair Service
  • Fall Protection Systems
  • Fertilizer Plan Upgrades and Expansion
  • Processing Plant Equipment Upgrades/Shutdowns

Manlift Inspections

IBI has qualified individuals to perform general purpose elevator inspections.  Our training and experience will ensure your manlift meets code giving you peace of mind.

Grain Handling

With a commitment to quality being a trademark at Industrial Builders, we can provide you the best equipment at an affordable price to help ensure your product needs are met.

  • Ground Piles
  • Corner Fill Systems
  • Dust Collection Systems
  • Grain Probes
  • Legs/Conveyors/Distributors

Grain Facility Maintenance Program

Industrial Builders is the one stop shop for all your repair and maintenance needs. We perform inspections and provide you a detailed report on provided maintenance and repairs that are needed now or will be required down the line. We also perform maintenance and repairs with quality workmanship at competitive prices to keep your facility running at its peak production and provide:

  • Detailed equipment lists
  • Equipment labeling
  • Material thickness detection and bearing monitoring
  • Maintenance schedules

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