Marine Construction

Marine Construction Services

IBI is the only contractor in the Midwest with our own fleet of tugs, porta barges and boats that provide continuing service to the area’s inland waters. We support geotechnical firms performing soil borings on lakes and rivers, as well as contractors working on underwater construction and ferry service.

We also provide a variety of services that involve working in and around the water from tree clearing next to regional rivers to keep infrastructure from being damaged and prevent flooding. We also have extensive history constructing and maintaining dams, water crossings, as well as highway structures over bodies of water such as bridges and box culverts. 

Tower Erection

When a transmission tower is in water, our barges may be the most efficient way to access it for replacement or repair.

Water Intakes

IBI has installed wet wells up to 115-feet deep with intake pipes that extend thousands of feet into the water. We have worked on both the “big water” and on many rivers to provide much needed water for drinking, irrigation and industrial uses.

River/Lake Crossings

IBI has put-in river crossings for water, electricity, oil and compressed gas. We installed a 15,000-foot 15” compressed carbon dioxide pipeline across Lake Sakakawea for Basin Electric.

Barge Rental

IBI has the ability to support geotechnical investigations, material recovery, excavation and transportation of equipment on the water. Our barges can be configured to support nearly any load imaginable.


We can bring divers to perform service to underwater facilities for new construction and for salvage operations.

Disaster Recovery

When you need help at the site of a disaster very quickly, our fleet of heavy-haul trucks can move large equipment to the site and have skilled operators working within hours after the incident.

RipRap Installation

IBI has placed thousands of tons of loose rock rip rap from our floating plant. We can also install articulated concrete mattresses.

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